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Supervisors will receive alerts for all configured SLA timers even if they aren't the assignee of an issue. This role allows those assigned to it to monitor SLA timers more easily and is the perfect tool to keep track of the status of your SLAs.

Creating a supervisor group

  1. Go to the "user management section" of your Jira instance

  2. Navigate to "Groups" under "User Management"

  3. Fill in the name for a new group ("jira-supervisors" for instance) and click on the "Add group" button.

  4. Your new group should be listed in the list of current groups. Find your new group and click on "Edit members"

  5. Add the members you want for the supervisor role.

Assigning a supervisor group

  1. Go to the "apps section" of your Jira instance.

  2. Navigate to "Configure" under "SLA Alerts Pro".

  3. Here you can assign a supervisor group. Members of this supervisor group receive notifications for all specified SLA's regardless of current assignee or group restrictions. You can read about the group functionality here.

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