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You are able to configure SLA alerts on the project level to create project specific alerts. Once you create a project level configuration the global configuration will be ignored for the configured project. If no SLA alerts are configured on the project level the app will automatically use the global configuration.

Configure project specific SLA alerts

  1. Navigate to the project settings screen and then go to "SLA Alerts"

  2. Here you can assign a supervisor group. Members of this supervisor group receive notifications for all specified SLA's regardless of current assignee or group restrictions. You can read about the group functionality here.

    This field is optional and does not have to be filled in.

  3. If you want to specify SLA alerts you'll need to add them by pressing the "Add SLA alert" button.

    After pressing the "Add SLA alert" a dialog screen will open. In this screen you can fill in the SLA field you want to monitor.

    SLA name: Select the SLA timer that you want to monitor.

    SLA alert remaining: Enter the amount of time that needs to be left before the SLA timer expires. This value must always be in the format "0h0m".
    For example: A value of "1h30m" means SLA alerts start showing 1 hour and 30 minutes before the SLA is breached.

  4. After filling in the required fields you can save the configuration.
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