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Using Improved Search for Jira will allow you to preform more accurate searches without having to know the ins and outs of JQL.

How does it work?

The original Jira search method puts all the keywords entered by the user in a query as a single value. This causes the search method to not show issues where the keywords provided by the user where spread out over the different fields of an issue. The new search method uses a different JQL query to preform searches that will return those issues that aren't shown when using the original search method.

In the examples below we'll be searching for an example issue using the original search method and the new search method that Improved Search for Jira provides.

The Example Issue

In this example issue I've added some varying content in different fields. These fields contain unique words which we'll try to search for using the new and old search boxes.

Original Jira search method

In this example we'll be trying to search for the example issue I created with specific words in different fields.

  1. We enter the query "instance accuracy search different"

  2.  As you can see from the screenshot below the original search method finds no results!

Improved Search for Jira search method

The new search method takes every keyword adds a wildcard to every keyword and search for them individually. This gives bit of flexibility to mistakes and allows Jira to search for the keywords in different fields.

  1. Enter your query

  2. Get more accurate search results!

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