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Epic Time Tracking for Jira shows calculates different values that allow you to keep track of exactly how time is logged
under your issues.

Epic Estimate  (Estimated on Epic)

Epic Estimate is the estimation used by Epic Time Tracking to caluclate the Epic Remaining time and is based on either
the epic's remaining or original estimation (See Switch between original and remaining estimates). If no estimation is
available for an epic an estimation is calculated using the issues assigned to the epic. You can find more about this
calculation here.

Epic Remaining (Remaining on Epic)

Epic Remaining is calculated by subtrackting all the hours logged on issues assigned to the epic from the Epic Estimate.
This will represent how much time can be logged before you've gone through all the estimated time. Note that this value
will never go below 0h.

Logged on Epic

Logged on Epic displays the total amount of time logged on issues assigned to the epic. Note that time logged on the epic
itself is
not included in this calculation.

Completed on Epic

Completed on Epic displays the time logged on issues that have a set resolution (Issues that are no longer in progress and
have not been reopened).

Include Sub-tasks

When include sub-tasks is selected sub-tasks of issues assigned to the epic will also be included in the time tracking

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