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Install Default Comment Restrictions for Jira

  1. Go to the "apps section" of your Jira instance.

  2. Search "Default Comment Restrictions for Jira" and click "Buy now" to install the app. You can get a trial license by clicking on "Free trial".

  3. Go to "Manage apps" and check if the app is installed correctly.

Configuring Default Comment Restrictions for Jira

You can either use global or project level configurations to configure Default Comment Security. The section below will cover the basic configuration to get started using the global configuration but you can read more about the differences between global and project configurations here.

  1. Navigate to "Configure" under "Default Comment Restrictions"

  2. Set the default comment restriction role. The chosen comment restriction role will be applied to comments if no other restriction is applied first. You can read more here. *LINK PLAATSEN*

  3. Assign groups to a project role to set that role as their default comment restriction level. Comments made by users in these groups will be set to be restricted to the selected project role. You can read more here.

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